Oxford Dictionaries declared the word of the year 2019 to be "Climate Crisis". The climate crisis is defined as a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it.", the UN General Secretary refers to it as the crucial issue of our time.


Erica Chenoweth (American political scientist and professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School) confirms that it only requires about 3.5% of the population to ensure serious political change. The first step we can take to ensure that 3.5% of the population is actively involved in the climate crisis is to create situations where dialogues can arise.


I'm trying to empathise sociological issues by combining material research, storytelling and form, in both conceptual and functional work, of which three examples are ReBorn, Out of Waste and WASTELAND. Creative making holds the power to touch us, and is therefore an affective way to generate awareness and political change. 

I want to further develop and encourage these relationships in society, through interdisciplinary work where science, crafts and design meet in the development of different methods of collecting, recycling and converting materials. In the future goods will be durable, biodegradable or repairable.

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