The WASTELAND project is an evolving project which investigates the up cycling of industrial byproducts in the development of artefacts, which explores the borderline between artistic intention and materialistic innovation. As the global population increases so does the consumption of goods, and the creation of waste, which runs the risk of polluting fresh ground water and surrounding ecosystems in landfills. By incapsulating toxic byproducts in porcelain, glaze and glass, further contamination is avoided and  through the firing process of up to 1280 ° C, natural matter burns away and unknown metals melts, forming a visual manifestation of its toxic nature. The distinct white porcelain and translucent glass, makes for an interesting juxtaposition to the dirty history of human waste. By questioning material innovation Grimwades goal is to make a difference in how we perceive value, consumption, materiality, and inspire society to observe the drastic over production of waste in a bio-geophysical context. In this way the artefacts serves as relics where, both matter and sociological phenomena, reflects the present crisis. The Wasteland sculptures aims to demonstrate the threats and the potentials of waste materials, which modern infrastructure have generated in abundance​. 

In Collaboration with BOFA, BEOF & KADK - University

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