Annelie Grimwade Olofsson

In my work I explore the correlation of industry, society and environment from a material point of view. My aesthetics often quotes the industrial landscape, where testing the boundaries of controlled and self governed expressions is a reoccurring theme.


I see the creative making as a tool for reflecting and imagining future possibilities which evokes curiosity, produce knowledge and challenge human perception of material value. 


My work can be seen as material manifestations, unlike theoretical works which discuss, but do not create Anthropocene objects, which story, asks the observer to decide whether to admire its appearance or acknowledge the ambiguous morality of the processes that created them.


My process typically involves alternative mining, applied experimentation and artistic narration, drawing inspiration from sociological phenomenon, anthropology and bio-geophysics.


Right now I’m inspired by the domestic landscape, materially and conceptually, experimenting with hoover dust, glass beads, ashes from the wood stove, electrical cables etc.





2016 - 2019: KADK - Bachelor in Design, DK

2015 - 2016: Steneby College of Fine Art, Craft & Design, SE

2014 - 2015: Gerlesborgs College, Fine Art, SE

2010 - 2011: Tärna College, Authorship & Retorical Writing, SE

(To Come 2021: Simone De Souza Gallery, Group Exhibition, Detroit, U.S)

(2021: NOT ANNOUNCED YET, Group Exhibition, New York)

(2021: NOT ANNOUNCED YET, Group Exhibition, Soho, Manhattan, U.S

(2021: Stein Beisser, Experimental Gourmet Event, California, U.S)

(2021: NOT ANNOUNCED YET, Copenhagen, DK)

(2021: Officine Saffi, Group Exhibition, Milan, IT)

(2021: NOT ANNOUNCED YET, Group Show, Gothenburg, SE)

2020: Helsinki Design Museum, “Soil Matters”, Group Exhibition, Helsinki, FI

2020: Officinet, 3 Days of Design, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

2020: KKV Konsthall, What’s Next”, Group Exhibition, Gerlesborg, SE

2020: European Glass in Craft, Art and Industry”, Travelling Group Exhibition in CZ, DK, GE, AU

2020: Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

2019: Material Lab, permanent collection, Copenhagen, DK

2019: Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Group Exhibition, Ebeltoft, DK

2019: BoMo, Group Exhibition, Borlänge, SE

2019: DOX Museum, Group Exhibition, Prague, CZ

2019: Clay Ceramic Museum, Group Exhibition, Middelfart, DK

2019: A Petersens Collection, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

2019: Dunkers Kulturhus, “Special Edition” Group Exhibition, Helsingborg, SE

2019: KADK, “Climate Change”, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

2019: Form/Design Center, Group Exhibition, Malmö, SE

2019: SIRIN Gallery , “Awakenings”, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK

2019: Swedish Design Moves, “Hemma Gone Wild”, The Swedish Pavillion, Milan Design Week, IT

2019: ArkDes: Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, “USF2019”, Group Ex, Stockholm, SE

(To Come 2021: AiR, 5 x Designers Detroit, Statens Kunstfond & CCS, U.S.A)

(To Come 2021: AiR, Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan, CN)

2020: AiR, 6 months, Krabbesholms Højskole, DK

2019: AiR, Project Fieldstation, Ifö art center, SE

2019: AiR, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA 98292, U.S.A

(Postponed to 2021) 2020: Travel Grant - Business Trip to New York, Statens Kunstfond, DK)

2021: Shortlisted, Officine Saffi, Milan, IT

2020: Documentation Grant, Statens Kunstfond, DK

2020: Working Grant, Statens Kunstfond, DK

2019: Franz Rising Star Project, Winner, Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan, CN

2019: Whitegold International Ceramic Prize, Finalist, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

2019: Ung Svensk Form, Winner, Arkdes, Stockholm, SE

2018: Future Lights, Ceramics and Its Dimensions, Finalist, Kilkenny Castle, IR

2018: Talents area, Ambiente Design Fair, Frankfurt, DE

(2021: (Written) Publication for Stanford University MAHB Arts Community, U.S

2021: Berlinske, Article, Young Artists Worth Investing In, DK

2020: Icon Magazin, Article, Soil Matters, UK

2020: FORM MAGAZIN, Article, Experemental Ceramic, SE

2020: Through Objects, Feature, DK

2020: SayHiTo, Feature, PAR

2020: ICON, Feature, UK

2020: KLINK, Feature, DK

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